Volume 19   |   Issue 1   |   March 2017

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Partners in Sustainability

People and companies today are eager to begin sustainability initiatives within their industry, which is great, with critical mass building in many industries, especially cleaning and sanitation.  While some are newcomers, some people have dedicated their careers and led their companies in these efforts for decades. Brad A. Bobbitt with Daycon Products is one of those individuals.

Daycon Products Co., Inc. (www.daycon.com) is a family owned distributor in Upper Marlboro, MD that has been in business for  75 years.  Daycon provides cleaning and maintenance supplies, training, consulting, and programs that focus on sustainability and healthy practices for the professional cleaning and maintenance industry. They have helped large universities, public school systems, federal buildings, healthcare facilities, and property management companies develop and implement pograms that save money, promote efficiency, improve performance and assist in sustainability efforts, including training to the Green Seal, GS-42 standard.

Brad has been working with contractors such as Chimes, Didlake, Brevard, MVLE, Fedcap and many others to provide Rochester Midland’s biobased cleaning and floor care maintenance products to federal facilities for over 20 years.  Some of the locations using biobased, Ability One cleaning solutions include the EPA, Department of Energy, Ronald Reagan Building, Andrews AFB, Statue of Liberty, DLA, NASA, NIH, and various State Parks. 

Brad’s focus from the beginning has been improving the health and safety of workers and building occupants, while reducing environmental impact from cleaning operations. In addition to simply offering “green certified” cleaning products and accessories, Brad takes great pride in training custodians on the proper application of these products.  The Rochester Midland cleaning products and programs used within the facilities are also featured throughout the facilities through promotional pieces.  He even coordinates annual Earth Day events to celebrate the work being done by everyone involved in these programs.

Brad says “the customer drives it” when asked what creates the push for more sustainable cleaning operations.  Green certification of products, ISSA CIMS, and other third party standards make it much easier to develop a consistent program.  But Brad is always looking for new products, processes, or solutions to help his customers create a cleaning program that is safe and effective, while reducing impact on health of workers and building occupants and the environment.

The numbers and reach of these programs are astounding.  In 2016, Brad’s programs reached hundreds of federal facilities.  Collectively they consumed…

-      230 tons of green certified cleaning and floor care products

-      148 tons of that were USDA Biopreferred products

All products were highly concentrated, dispensed cleaning solutions.  By using concentrates with reusable, color/number coded spray bottles, in lieu of Ready to Use Cleaning products, these facilities saved 429 tons of plastic in packaging.  Additionally, there was less footprint and waste from transportation of these concentrated cleaning solutions versus ready to use cleaners.

While the numbers are incredible, the mission is even more impressive.  Brad has been a pioneer in sustainability, creating safer, healthier, cleaner workspaces while helping create countless employment opportunities for workers with barriers.  Congratulations to Brad, Daycon, Rochester Midland and all of their partners for leading these efforts.